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Re-Frame: The Progress of Works
Friday, April 13th at 7:00pm
An evening of innovation at Rumble Arts Center, in association with Insight Arts and  D UNDERBELLY

A distinctive evening reflecting the progress of artist Sojourner Wright  from Re-Frame: A Gathering - an innovative project of D UNDERBELLY focused on creative process and community building. This past winter,  a community of  artists, curators and facilitators from all over Chicago, gathered for 7 weeks; re-framing, through rigorous experimentation & investigation of critical feedback, the way they think about process, collaboration and the development of performance works. Re-Frame: The Progress of Works shows us how  artists have continued to explore creative process through the progress of new work, further examination of their body of work or experimentation with an existing work.

Come for the opportunity to witness intriguing work, home cooked food and engaging discussions.

$5 suggested donation*

Rumble Arts Center
3413 W North Avenue
Rumble Arts Center's first floor gallery is an accessible space 

Friday, April 13th 

"The Kitchen Project: I Am Sadhana"
a developing evening-length solo performance
featuring Sojourner Wright, writer & performer
directorial consultant: Baraka de Soleil

In contrast to a world of repressed emotions, missed psychic connections & voids filled with over consumption, Sojourner cultivates an organic space of healing, right in her home's center - the kitchen. Passages from Maya Tiwari's Book Aryuveda: A life of Balance become the catalyst for transformation and healing during this interactive evening as Sojourner sprinklings poetic narrative & movement vignettes fueled by the transformative powers of the 5 elements (fire, water, air, earth, space). There will be collective baking, snacking and good 'ole fashioned talking' around the kitchen table. Not to mention a smokin' hot dance party in the middle of it all. You will leave 'I Am Sadhana' with a new experience of what it means to throw down in the kitchen.

Sojourner Zenobia Wright is a graduate of the School at Steppenwolf class of ’09. She has also trained with Chicago’s Piven Theater and Black Box Studio. She is a graduate of Naropa Universities BFA in Interdisciplinary Performance. At Naropa she found ways in which to work with her mind, emotions, body and spirit in order to fully become a vessel for her fullest creative self. Sojourner began creating her own work in the fall of ’08 through Soul Journey Projects. "What is meaningful to me in the creative process is distilling the purest truth and sharing it with articulated presence...deep listening and witnessing each other in our stories as well as in the revelations behind those stories. "
 *The Kitchen Project : I am Sadhana is supported by D UNDERBELLY as part of the Re-Frame project, in association with Insight Arts.  
proceeds from this showing will support the A.I.R./R.I.A (Artist in Residence/Rumble & Insight Arts) pilot project.

Please join Insight Arts as we present our first winter series' Nights of Insight on Friday, January 20 from 7 to 9 PM at Rumble Arts Center (3413 W North Ave).This is an accessible event.

This month we will be Re-Framing Community (facilitated by Baraka de Soleil) exploring issues and challenges artists face in the creative process. Topics to be explored include community, gender politics and artists vulnerabilities. Participants will also get the chance to experience the process of Re-Frame.

Last month artists participating in Re-Frame: A Gathering, a D UNDERBELLY initiative curated by Awilda Rodríguez Lora and Baraka de Soleil, sought to create a communal space for rigorous experimentation and investigation of an expansive performance aesthetic. They offered three unique showings of their process in partnership with Insight Arts, Rumble Arts Center and Links Hall.

We also invite you to join us in Rogers Park on Saturday, January 21 for a critical discussion on Re-Framing Community from 4:30 to 6:30 PM at the Center for New Possibilities (1505 W Morse Ave).

Artist participants, witnesses and organization affiliates will be present to engage in fertile dialogue surrounding what it means to re-frame creative process within community.

Both events are free of charge.

------------------------PAST EVENT

Re-Frame: A Gathering, a dynamic community project of D UNDERBELLY, offers three unique showings of artists' process December 16th - 18th at Links Hall & a communal event on December 19th at Rumble Arts Center in partnership with Insight Arts. Rumble Arts Center's gallery  is an accessible space and we wish to particularly welcome the physically diverse-abilities community to this event. 

Showings:Dec. 16-17 at 8pm & Dec. 18 at 7pm
Links Hall: 3435 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 207
Tickets: $12(no food) $15(with food)$25 all three showings.

Communal Event: December 19 at 8pm
Rumble Arts Center: 3413 West North Avenue
Tickets: $12(no food) $15(with food)

Artist Participants:
Victoria Martínez
Ching-In Chen
Iman Crutcher
Michael Johnson
Rebecca Kling
Anansi Knowbody
Sojourner Zenobia Wright
Isaac Fosl Van-Wyke
Eboni Senai Hawkins

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